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Facebook status insulting religion by making fake ID in the name of Hindu girl in Chitalmari, Bagerhat.

Hindu girl arrested, Massive attack on the police station creating provoked. Car vandalized.

A college student in Chitalmari, Bagerhat has been accused of posting insulting status about the Holy Prophet (PBUH) on Facebook. Muslims rallied in the area on Monday afternoon to demand her trial. At one stage, the police clashed with the agitated Muslim crowd when they tried to surround the police station. 25 people including 12 policemen were injured. Twelve people have been arrested on charges of involvement in the clashes. It is learned that the police fired 24 rounds at that time.

Victim Ronit Bala Roni
Propaganda Facebook post against college student Ronit Bala Roni.

According to the police, Ronit Bala Roni, a class XI student of Chitalmari Sher-e-Bangla Degree College, daughter of Romani Bala of Chardakatia area of ​​the upazila, posted abusive and insulting posts on Islam and Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) on her Facebook a few days ago. When the matter came to the notice of the locals on Sunday (June 19, 2022), there was tension in the area. Ronit Bala Roni was arrested at night.

Protesting Muslim mobs vandalized three vehicles of three officers (AC Land, UNO and Circle Police Superintendent), several motorcycles and smashed the windows of police stations. Two separate cases have been registered in connection with the vandalism of Bagerhat police station yesterday.

According to local relaiable sources, a Muslim boy had proposed to Ronit Bala Roni, a class XI student of Sher-e-Bangla Degree College, Chitalmari. After not agreeing to the Muslim boy’s love proposal, the Muslim boy opened a fake Facebook ID in the name of the Hindu girl and started insulting the Prophet. When the Facebook post came to the notice of the Muslim students of the college, thousands of Muslims surrounded the police station and vandalized the vehicles of government officials and civilians. At that time, they threw brickbats inside the police station and smashed the window glass.

Later, Chitalmari Sher-e-Bangla College BCL president, son of late Shert Ali Munshi of Shivpur village, Md. Rubel Munshi filed a case against the Hindu girl under sections 153 and 298. It is to be noted that the girl was arrested by the police before the case was filed.

Plaintiff in the case Md. Rubel Munshi, BCL President of Chitalmari Shere Bangla Degree College.

Regarding the case, several Hindu leaders asked why the BCL president came forward with great interest to file the case. Is he secretly working to make the country Hindu-free by encouraging Hindu persecution? Or did he secretly play a special role in staging a pre-planned dramatic event? 

Shipan Kumar Basu, president of the World Hindu Struggle Committee, expressed surprise that such a big incident had taken place in Chitalmari but no journalist had published the news. There is no way to know whether the journalists of Bagerhat are alive or dead at all. He further said that a circle of Awami League has been trying for a long time to make Chitalmari and Bagerhat district Hindu free by hanging the girl like other parts of the country. Yesterday’s (June 20, 2022) incident is part of their previous plan. At the same time, he added, an impartial investigation would show that there are thousands of cases of such Hindu persecution in Bagerhat and adjoining districts, with which Awami League leaders and activists are directly and indirectly involved.

He expressed surprise that the Awami League has now become a communal party controlled by pro-Islamic organizations. This Awami League is the main enemy of secularism and the democracy of the country. The country and the common people are not safe at all to them.

Besides, it has been seen that Awami League leaders and workers have been appointed in every mosque and madrasa committee of Chitalmari upazila. Hate and violence against Hindus is constantly being spread from different mosques and madrasas through the leaders and workers of Awami League. And from time to time they used to stage dramas of insulting religion, creating tension against Hindus, attacking houses, arson and looting, creating fear in the minds of Hindus and forcing them to emigrate.

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