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Barbaric attacks on Hindu families for land grabbing in Sitakunda, Chittagong; trying to molest women!

A radical group has attacked in daylight and publicly a Hindu family in the 1no ward of Banshbaria in Sitakunda upazila of Chittagong district of Bangladesh with the intention of forcibly occupying the land.

Radical attacks on Hindus continue in Bangladesh.

Tapan Das, a family member of the victim said that, the land robber Md. Aminul Haque and his eldest son Md. Alamgir and middle son Md. Touhidul have been torturing them in various ways for the last six years.

Radical attacks on Hindus continue in Bangladesh.

The land-robbery gang, comprising fathers and sons, has already forcibly occupied 50 decimal of the Hindu lands by forging documents. They are now constantly torturing and threatening us (the victims) to take our land. According to that source, this morning (June 03, 2022) Aminul Haque and his two sons attacked and beat us (women) in the absence of the men of the house. Today they have violated the limits of torture. We were beaten and injured and at that time Aminul Haque’s two sons tried to molest the women of the house by taking off their clothes. Three women of local Hindu Das home, Mrs. Rani Das, Mrs. Anjana Rani Das and Mrs. Rima Rani Das were injured in the attack.

The right hand and hand conch of a female member named Mrs. Rani Das of the house was broken in the attack of the land robber father and son. The names of the injured were not known till the report was written. Later, when the neighbors came forward, they fled.



The right hand and hand conch of Mrs. Rani Das Has broken in the attack of them.



Radical attacks on Hindus continue in Bangladesh.




The locals rescued the injured women and admitted them to Chittagong Medical College and Hospital for better treatment. They are admitted in the 28th no ward of the medical. Tapan Das further said that a case is being prepared in this regard at the police station. References: Social media.

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